It’s Spring, Be Open!

No matter where you live in the country, I think we can all agree that the weather this winter has been challenging! Yes, even here in beautiful, sunny California!  So, I want you to be inspired by the new spring season and do something that nature does naturally, and that is OPEN and BLOOM.

Many of you are aware that I’m creating a new online, self-study course called Get Food Smart, Join My Tribe.  In this course I’m giving you the tools to track your clean eating journey and learn what has taken me 6 years to decipher and navigate! One of the things I talk about is the importance of being OPEN. However, many people I encounter are not open.  I know because they tell me things like:

  • I’ve been eating healthy since before you were born.  Yes, that’s very condescending!
  • I’m plant-based (or switch out plant based for Keto, Paleo, Primal, Vegan etc.), read my blog on picking a lane here.  Yes, that’s very presumptuous!
  • Everything in moderation (read my blog on moderation here).  Yes, that’s not very smart!
  • Eating healthy is expensive (read my blog on cost here).  Yes, that’s very short-sighted!

There is always room to learn

When I opened my retail shop called Artisan’s Palate in June 2013, I thought I was clean eating and I thought I was doing everything ‘right’. The saying, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ is so true!  However, it was my willingness to be open, my curiosity to ask questions, and my ability to listen that led me to understand that I wasn’t eating clean. I wish many of the people that I encounter were more open, but I must accept they are not. By reading this blog, I’m hoping you’re someone that will understand that staying stagnate and thinking ‘you’ve got it all worked out’ is a huge mistake and will set you back! The concept of clean eating is not about ‘knowing it all’, it’s about knowing what’s at the end of your fork. 

Your food has a story to tell you and it’s up to you to ask questions.  So many people are engaging in some form of counting; whether it’s calories, macros, sugar, fat, protein etc.  Instead of worrying about putting a number in an app, how about asking: How did this food get to my plate?  That is the NUMBER 1 question to ask when it comes to clean eating…PERIOD!  That one question spawns so many more relevant questions that you’ll start to understand your journey has truly begun.

What you can do

Our current food system is broken…completely.  How we see food – live to eat rather than eat to live – is causing a lot of health problems. If we’re not open to discuss these issues, then we’ll never be able to make a change. Your curiosity, diligence, and commitment will spark change; first personal and then far reaching. I want to change the world and I need your help.  The sooner you’re engaged the faster we’ll make long lasting global changes. Stay tuned for my upcoming online-self study course for all the tools you’ll need to start your clean eating journey and all the tips you’ll need to help others.

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