Most people go about their daily life prioritizing the basics – food on the table, clothes on our backs, roof over our heads. We want to make sure we can provide for the things that are important to each of us; which ultimately is different for each family. Hence the reason for this blog, what is your bottom line?  What is the thing or things that must happen to you to rethink your priorities?  What will it take to make you the priority?  Yes, this is the time you want to be selfish, and it’s not a bad thing!

Where to Start

First, look at all the people that rely on you.  Perhaps it’s your children, spouse and/or an elderly parent/neighbor. They rely on you for a myriad of things which might include financial support, food, shelter, guidance, love, council etc.  If you don’t step back and start to look at yourself and ask, what is my bottom line, who is going to take care of me, then you’re going to continue taking care of everyone else and not pay attention to what is happening with you!

Look Inward

I have noticed that most people keep doing what they’re doing and never take stock until they are diagnosed with a chronic health issue which might include; diabetes, autoimmune conditions, or cancer.  They go about their life, continuing to ‘take care’ of everyone else but never thinking about what if something happens to them.  Are you able to do that … right now … ask yourself, what is my bottom line? Are you going to roll the dice and wait until you become a statistic or are you going to be proactive?  It’s a simple question, and it might be the one that will save your life.  If you’re ready to take a deep dive into your current situation and make a change then I recommend you take the following steps:

  1.  Look at what you eat at every single meal.  Ask yourself, is this the best version of this food that I can acquire at this time.  Notice I didn’t say AFFORD!  Your health or you are not a bargain bin, so stop thinking that clean eating is expensive and realize, industrial food is expensive, in so many ways!
  2. Look at all the supplements you purchase and/or take on a regular basis.  The quality of the supplements are just like the quality of the food.  You have industrial supplements that are filled with junk and can potentially do the body harm vs. true super foods and herbs that can actually help you!
  3. How much time out of the day do you carve out just for yourself?  Perhaps it’s walking the dog, getting a massage, meditating, etc. Whatever it is, how many times in a day are you thinking about yourself and your overall well-being?  Whatever the number, chances are it’s not enough so be mindful to increase that time and start to enjoy your own company.


Self-care is the number one thing to consider when embarking on your clean eating journey, but one of the hardest things to implement.  It’s easier to look after everyone else rather than look at what you’re doing. The questions you ask yourself every day is the work you must do to continue on your clean eating lifestyle, it’s not about perfection or a destination, it’s about the work you do every single day to be mindful.  If you’re not around how on earth are you supposed to take care of everyone else?

If you want to learn more about clean eating and how you too can make it a lifestyle then I recommend you take my course: Get Food Smart, Get Real.  It gives you all the information you need to finally make a lifestyle change to achieve lasting longevity. 

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